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Aloha and Welcome to Tropicize!

We blend music, movement, island-inspired activities, and nutrition to boost mobility, nurture a positive mindset, enhance fitness, and support brain health. With Tropicize, you can enjoy a tropical paradise anywhere and make your life more vibrant and memorable!

🍹Tropical Melodies: Our playlist of island music has both relaxing and energizing music, from classic Hawaiian and Caribbean songs to new original favorites. There is something for everyone's musical taste - from reggae to Latin to country to Jimmy Buffett. The tropic tunes are perfect for dancing, singing or humming along, or simply lifting spirits in a sun-soaked ambiance.

🌺Island Moves: And with great tropical music, you'll feel like moving and grooving! Our movement classes are held both in-person and virtually, and incorporate gentle, low-impact exercises designed to improve mobility, flexibility, and balance. Designed for any level of ability.

🏝️'Beach Vacation' Activities: Our wide range of brain-boosting activities make you feel like you're at a beach resort! Whether it's creating island-inspired arts and crafts, competing in tropical trivia, or sharing travel stories, you will be sharing aloha and forging meaningful connections with others.

🍍Easy Breezy Recipes: Simple low-ingredient 'by the beach' recipes plus eating tips will make it easy to 'crowd out' unhealthy foods. Focusing on brain-healthy and fresh ingredients, you will enjoy tastes that nourish your entire body and mind.

Your Daily Passport to Paradise

Club Tropicize is a fun monthly program that offers a holistic approach to start your day with positivity and energy, combining island-inspired meditation, music, and movement. The anecdote to boring routines, it's a transformative experience that transports you to a virtual paradise where every activity nurtures your mind, body, and spirit.

Dive into the core components of Club Tropicize:

Morning ALOHA!

Morning ALOHA! is your daily passport to paradise! Besides starting your day with gratitude and aloha, Morning ALOHA! offers engaging island-inspired practices that calm the mind, soothing music that uplifts the soul, and gentle movements that awaken the body.

Morning ALOHA! is your first step towards a day filled with positivity, designed to help you greet the world feeling great with an open heart and a peaceful mind.

Easy Breezy Brain Health

Easy Breezy Brain Health is a program designed to bring more joy, relaxation, quality rest and sleep, good food, good friends and fun activities to your life to optimize your cognitive function for the rest of your life.

We take the overwhelm out of preserving your memory and your future quality of life by helping you focus on the top things that will make the most difference for YOU.

Beach Party Fitness

Imagine the excitement and freedom of a beach party - now blend it with some fun but simple moves, and you've got Beach Party Fitness!

Our goal is to make a workout session feel more like a celebration on a virtual tropical island. Beach Party Fitness is perfect for you if you are looking to add fun and more great tropical music to your day, while getting your heart pumping and muscles moving with a smile on your face.

Joanna 'Tropical Lady', M.S., M.Ed, CHC

Founder of Tropicize

Aloha! I am Joanna, also known as the 'Tropical Lady,' and I am so glad you're here!

Ever since I saw my first real palm tree when I was 20, I have been a self-confessed "trop-aholic," loving all things tropical! While living in both glorious tropical destinations like Hawaii, but also (dare I say) in boring land-locked locations, I always strive to live an island-style way of life no matter what I see out my window.

I've tried to learn as much as I can about what it takes to be happy and healthy (and Hawaii ranks as the healthiest state!). I've discovered many 'secrets' along the way, and am now on a mission to share the healing powers of tropical music and island-style living to as many people as I can!

I've also started several tropical bands, learned a little hula, created tropical fabric art, played steel drums, and gotten certified in over a dozen island and other techniques in brain and body health, happiness, fitness, relaxation and nutrition. I can't wait to share what I've learned, and find out what you have to share as well!

I invite you to join me on my journey and together let's live a long life and LIVE ALOHA!

(and if you're the curious type, you can find out more about me in the 'About' section)

Kick back with relaxing island music!

Live aloha-style with positive music, dancing and fun!

Island-Inspired Wellness Programs


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